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Dr. Gregg Palzer PT, DC - Owner/HEAD INSTRUCTOR.

Head Instructor Gregg Palzer Bio below.

I started with some Judo and then Shotokan Karate at the age of 13.5 years old. I enjoyed both, but continued with the Karate.

I have lost friends from Queens NY to drugs, crime and violence I look to help the Youth of Lebanon, Oregon and the surrounding communities stay out of trouble along that narrow safe road. To help like you have been helped and praise the Lord in everything we do.

I have been training in the martial arts for 38 + years teaching for 36+ of that. I started as an assistant instructor under World Champion Tokey Hill, the first American WUKO World Champion. I then became an instructor and eventually his head instructor in NY.

At the age of 20 I started boxing at the Westbury PAL for about a year. Since that age I started delving more into boxing and kickboxing. One of my main sparring partners at the time was Derek Panza. He was the ISKA Full Contact World Champion and held both the PKF and USKBA world titles as well. Derek is undefeated as a professional boxer.

At the age of 24 I was training for winning my 4th State title after having a very serious injury, in which doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to fight again, I was able to rehab with a Dutch trained Physical therapist. After training and coming back to win that 4th title, I hit a cross roads and decided to apply to a premiere Dutch PT program that had just opened up for Americans in the Netherlands.

While over in the Netherlands I was able to watch and train with some K-1 style kickboxing fighters and had a great time. I also was teaching Karate there, and have many friends and students we go back to visit. After coming back after 2.5 years, I was a physical therapist and was able to devote some more time to training and helping teach at my instructor’s school.

I have helped in the training of numerous State, Regional, National a International Champions… and a World Champion and Golden Glove Champion Billy Finegan, (He was an exceptional student I even saw at an early age, always very self motivated and determined).

It was my dream to have a full service facility to help train and rehab the entire fighter, from the ground up. Most people don’t realize the specialty of the Martial Artist/ Boxer/ Kickboxer as person/athlete and the rehabilitation process that they need, not just any Therapist or Chiropractor can meet their needs.

Before my career as a Physical Therapist and Chiropractor in healthcare, I was a practitioner/instructor in the Martial Arts.
I always knew I would return to help the kids and teenagers the way I have been helped. God has given me blessing and I will return them to the world and praise his name.

I owe much loyalty and thanks to many instructors/trainers, fighters, training partners out there, that have helped me. I will pass on that knowledge and dedication that I have learned to as many as I can.

I worked for Tokey Hill- World Champion Karate Center, Inc., Great Neck, NY.
As Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Manager and Head Instructor.

I worked with students of all ages, instilling them with basic/ advanced skills. I served as Assistant Coach to to Tokey Hill's National Karate Team. And served as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and TV Consultant for Today’s Martial Arts and a Personal Trainer.

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